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What Are Some of The Risks that May be Introduced When Moving?

The risks are introduced include:

  • Trip and fall hazards due to obstacles such as boxes, furniture, carts, etc.
  • Obstruction of passage, corridors, halls, etc.
  • Issues Manual Materials Handling (MMH) as elevation, change, thrust, pulling, packing, unpacking, etc.
  • Using cleaning products.


Organization Work Station new furniture arrangement or in a different space ergonomic evaluation will be needed to ensure that fits the worker who have not reflections of lights or windows, etc.

What are some of the tips lifting and packing?

When you are packing, make sure the aisles are free of obstructions. Boxes and containers should be placed in a common area if there is not enough space in the workplace to pack and store.

Make sure you have adequate supplies on hand to move. These include:

  • Boxes or containers (with good handles).
  • Packaging materials (paper, bits of Styrofoam, etc.).
  • Markers, labels, tape.
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  • Trolleys, hitched, etc.

When lifting, remember:

The boxes must be closed and sealed with tape. They should also be light enough for one person to the Truck safely

  • Clearly label. Checks box whether to keep upright.
  • Use good lifting techniques.
  • Do not twist, reach, etc.
  • Do not lift boxes above your shoulders.
  • Get as close as you can to the box before attempting to lift.

See response document OSH in Manual Handling of Material (elevation) for more information.


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