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How to be compensated when moving in Paris Canada?

Everyone is obliged at some point in his life to move for different reasons: marriage, family enlargement, studies … Whatever the reason, you should always know what to expect, because during a move you may be faced with problems of damage, breakage or theft of your business or your furniture. Here’s what to do in case of damage during a move with a Movers in Paris Canada.

In case of damage to your property, the mover contractor incurs contractual liability guarantee. This insurance is mandatory and must be included in the prices listed in the International Movers in Canada. At the time of signing your contract with the company, you must send 48 hours before the big day, your signed declaration of value. This document will be used as a basis in case of damage.



However, the mover cannot be held responsible in these three cases:

1) The damage is due to a problem unique to the property.

2) You do not pack a fragile object; You are at fault in this case.

3) No one is to blame in the case of aggression, theft of the truck or accident.

Apart from these three cases, the mover must compensate you.

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The Movers and Packers in Canada is obliged to inform you in his quote , you get a ten-day dispute period (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) and this from the date of receipt of the transported affairs.

In case of damage, you must make reservations on the consignment note at the end of delivery. It should be mentioned reserves significantly, precise and Details: three broken elements, perforated packaging, scratched furniture …  You will, in addition , contact the moving company CA a letter motivated by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

If your furniture is damaged, the damage can lead to a repair, replacement or pay. The amount of compensation will depend on the value of your furniture or object and extent of the damage. You can also find a mutual agreement with the Canada Movers Company.

Moving boxes & packing materials

The right plan to ensure your move? Organize everything in advance. First step: planning cartons (in quantity and in appropriate formats) and packaging accessories.

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Consider also the wardrobe cartons (to carry your clothes on hangers without offending) and protective covers for mattresses, movers blankets, bubble wrap, tissue paper … In short, everything that secures the package.

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