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Relocation of employees in the Region of CANADA

One of our services in Residential is to facilitate the change of residence to managers, employees and their families, “factor” has become a common reality in today’s society, both for people who want to develop a new activity and lifestyle and employees and executives of foreign companies that want to meet their business objectives and professional growth Movers and Packers in CANADA.

This process of “Relocation CANADA” or permanent change of address can be a difficult task for most people who change country, return home after living many years abroad, or change locations statewide. Within the process of “landing” in our city, one of the factors more stress is to find housing, and in the process is where we give our full support and support based on our knowledge of the property market in CANADA.

Alfa Real Estate we are aware of this need and for this we offer our “housing turnkey”, which includes:

Real Estate advice

We select the areas that best suit their family needs, your budget, and relying on our extensive portfolio of properties we search and find relevant visits to the house searching and fit your needs. Once found, we will provide rapid accommodated in it.

Administrative Consulting

Integrated management of all documentation to move into their new home, Movers in  CANADA from contract negotiations for changes in ownership or direct debit of water, gas, electricity, inventory of personal property, home insurance, etc.

Consulting “Landing”

Management transporting furniture, possible reforms to make in the house, search for parking management in finding schools for children, etc .

Temporary accommodation

We can find temporary accommodation for the duration of the selection process housing or the time you want. Relocation in CANADA we work with a select group of suppliers to ensure quality, comfort and optimal situation.

Do not hesitate to contact us for information that we extend our services.


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